How to screenshot your Mac as PSD documents?

Capturing the screen of your Mac computer is very easy. Press the ⌘-⇧-5 keys, and the freshly captured image will appear on your desktop. It is effective but often not ideal. Indeed, we often want to capture an application or two but not necessarily the dock or the desktop icons. In addition, a window may not be perfectly centered, which can be annoying if you are a designer. This article introduces ScreenToLayers, an application for Mac, which allows you to capture your screen in a PSD document where each element is in a separate layer.

What is ScreenToLayers, and how to use it?

ScreenToLayers is an application for macOS (11 or later) designed to screenshots of the elements in your screen separately. The app merges all these elements in a Photoshop document with one element per layer.

How to use the application?

ScreenToLayers is super easy to use. Launch the application, and it will appear in the menu bar. Click on the icon, and two options are available to you. You can either capture an image immediately or capture an image in ten seconds by pressing the capture with delay option.

Once an image is captured, the application will create a Photoshop PSD file in the ~ Pictures / ScreenToLayers folder. If you have multiple screens, the app allows you more options in the app preferences. For example, we recommend that you activate the launch of the application when the mac is started.

Where can I download ScreenToLayers?

If you want to screenshot your screen as PSD documents, you need ScreenToLayers. The application is free. A demo version of the app is available on our website. You can also find it in the Mac App Store.

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