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Apps & Licenses

You can download our applications through two channels:

The licenses purchased on our store allow you to activate applications on three devices at the same time. The purchase of an application from the App Store is linked to your Apple account. It, therefore, allows you to use the app on all devices connected to your account.

Yes, you can try all our applications for free. They are downloadable on our website and the App Store.

You simply have to contact us via the support page specifying the name of the application. We will send you your activation key as soon as possible.

You can easily find previous versions of all our apps in the resources section.

Yes, please send an email through the support page, and the appropriate folks here will get in touch with you.

Our licenses do not expire and we do not charge an annual subscription fee. Small one-time updates to a specific version of an app are free for current license owners.

We try to limit the differences between the two versions as much as possible. However, some of our applications may be slower or require more actions to perform specific actions due to sandboxing. This is why we advise you to activate Full Disk Access in the system preferences for each of our apps.

Please note that we cannot migrate customers from our store to the Mac App Store. We similarly cannot transfer Mac App Store purchases to our store’s licensing system. In order to switch from one storefront to another, you would need to purchase the application again at full price. However, if you have good reasons to switch, do not hesitate to contact us to find a solution.

Support & Help

First of all, a good start is to browse the tutorials section to find a tutorial corresponding to your problem. If you can't find it, you can just email us through the support page.

We try to fix bugs as quickly as possible. The easiest way to contact us is to send us an email through the support page. Thank you for detailing the steps if possible so that we can reproduce the bug on our machines.