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Creates beautiful timelapse with keyframe correction and automatic deflickering

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A high-quality and straightforward solution


The application can process 100000+ photos, whether simple JPEG or even RAW files.


It has been designed to guide you, just advance step by step to the export step during the process.


GlueMotion's engine supports the mac's latest hardware or software technologies: M1/M2, Metal, HEVC and more.


Simplicity without compromise. A unique interface for the whole process.

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How it works?

  • 1

    Import your image set

    Choose the folder containing your photos and continue to the next step.

  • 2

    Crop and adjust your photos

    Advanced features allow you to fix flicker effects and improve photos using filters and keyframes.

  • 3

    Preview and export the timelapse

    Choose the frame rate thanks to the live previewing and export the timelapse video.

Live Preview

Quickly try several frame rates without delay with the live previewing

Keyframe corrections

Associate filters to frames so that corrections change dynamically

Export Frames

Export only the corrected images to stitch them with the app you prefer

Export Videos

Export timelapse videos in a high-quality format such as 8K HEVC

Adjust and improve images on the fly

A ton of options allow you to fix your set of images without difficulty and without third-party software.

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Use keyframes to make dynamic corrections

With GlueMotion, you have the ability to fine-tune your video's colors using a variety of filters. These filters are synchronized with keyframes, ensuring that the settings are seamlessly interpolated.

White Balance

Fix tint & temperature


Zoom & translate

Noise Reduction

Remove sharpness

Color Controls

Fix contrast & saturation

Light Correction

Adjust lights & shadows

EV Correction

Adjust temperatures

Gamma Correction

Correct gamma powers

Hue Correction

Correct color angles

Advanced deflickering included

When creating a time-lapse video, fluctuations in brightness due to changing weather conditions can often result in unwanted flashing effects between frames. GlueMotion is equipped with advanced algorithms that automatically detect and correct these changes.

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Make professional time-lapses easily

You do not need other tools such as LightRoom or After Effects. The process only depends on GlueMotion and is divided into five steps. Nothing could be simpler; just follow the steps.

A Few Key Features

Support JPEG, TIFF, and RAW

Import your files as it is. GlueMotion reads images in many formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, HEIF, and RAW files.

Filter files using regex

Filter files using regular expressions or file path extensions—sort and re-order files in the app.

Support 8K/4K videos

The app offers multiple presets to export images in the most popular resolutions.

Keyframe filters

You can associate keyframes with filters. The engine adjusts corrections according to the frame to export.

Export corrections

You can export only corrections made by the deflicker engine in a CSV format.

Export in HEVC

We know that timelapse videos are often large files. The app lets you choose the latest compression.

Save settings between session

You can define reusable profiles between your export sessions that contain all your settings.

Mac hardware acceleration

The app supports the latest innovations, such as M1 processors and Metal technologies.

Community driven

You can participate in the project by sharing your feedback and ideas on the forum.

Customers are loving NeededApps

With hundreds of 5-star reviews, our products have satisfied a large community.

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Finally found a Time Lapse App that works and does a great job quickly. I have a bunch of pics I took in Time Lapse Mode on my camera, and couldn’t do anything with them. I bought about $20 worth of other crap apps, now I am so happy I found this one that works, and works well! This is great, so easy, and so cool when it is done. Great job developer!

Review rating Review rating Review rating Review rating Review rating

After experiencing much frustration with GoPro's Quik software, I came across this app and am very impressed by it! It really does handle thousands of images. It quickly imported 14,000 images and rendered them into a nice Quicktime video! The user interface is reallly simple to use and everything is laid out in an easy-to-understand manner. Well, worth the purchase price!

Review rating Review rating Review rating Review rating Review rating

This app is very well made, you have acces to many settings, it’s easy to use and powerful. Besides the developper is very professional and always here to answer your questions. GlueMotion is now my favorite app for timelapse. 5*

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The application requires macOS Big Sur or later and is translated into seven languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese).
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