SnapMotion 4

Extract still images from videos

Require macOS High Sierra or later

Extract images with precision

SnapMotion has a beautiful and clear interface which allows you to extract images with precision. It integrates your preferred social services to share images. Moreover, you can build animated images.

Snap multiple frames

Select multiple frames and drag-n-drop to export them.

Sharing services

Use your preferred social services to share images with your friends

Build animated images

You can reorder your snaps to create animated images as GIF

Batch processing included

Advanced users can easily drag and drop folders to open movies located into subdirectories. Multiple tasks can be launched at the same time to extract thousands of images automatically with no effort.

Optimized for the latest version of macOS

SnapMotion supports for the latest features of macOS such as the touch bar and the notifications center. The application is as efficient as possible and uses all the processors of your machine.

Request new features in few clicks

We are listening to you to improve SnapMotion. The application includes a feedback window. So you can quickly send us your comments, issues, and requests.

Thanks for all the kind words

We work hard to provide you the best user experience. That's why we want to say thank you for all your comments. You can contact us at any time for any request or improvement.

I am using the app in batch mode and it is super fast and reliable. It also has very good capabilities when it comes to automated naming of generated files.


Intuitive interface makes this app easy and fun to use. So far have been able to grab frames from anything I’ve thrown at it. Quality is impressive.


Fantastic program to make snapshots from the movies I make, very simple to use!


Works perfectly, even with my 4K media (which the previous version could not handle). Does the job and does it very well. Offers good controls over the still images, and a good intuitive interface on top.


I’ve been a version 2 user for a long time, and this video screen capture software really speeds up the process, and is quick and easy. Batch processing is a BIG plus. The upgrade was a no brainer.


Pop my videos in and it just plays. The ability to take a screen shot is what really sold me. As the other reviewer said: “Nice and simple, good quality stills.” I haven’t tried much of the rest of the abilities because it does what I needed. Bravo!


Extract still images from videos with precision.

Require macOS High Sierra or later.

Available in 7 languages: