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Jul 10, 2019

How to extract images from videos?


Getting an image from a video is an essential task. Imagine that you took videos of a wedding. A few days later, you regret not taking any photos of the event. Well, you can obviously use the videos you made to extract photos. However, you do not know how to do it. We will see in this tutorial what tools to use on mac.

What are the solutions to consider?

There are several ways to capture images from videos. However, they are not all equivalent in terms of extraction quality, ease of use, and efficiency of use. We will list a few techniques below.

Tools to capture images from videos

  • Using Screenshot: The first and probably the easiest solution is to take a screenshot of your video player. Such a solution has many drawbacks. The most problematic issue is the quality of the resulting images. Indeed taking a picture of a screen displaying a video will seriously degrade the original quality. Moreover, the size of the produced images will not be equal to the size of the video. So, this method does not allow to extract a set of uniform images.
  • Using Quicktime: The second solution is much more interesting. Indeed, it allows extracting images of the same quality as the original video. You just have to open the video with Quicktime and click on the gear icon. You will be able to export the current frame and save it in TIFF format. You will then have to convert it to JPEG. One drawback is that this method is time-consuming. (Besides, this function has been removed from the latest version of macOS.)
  • Using SnapMotion: The third solution is to use SnapMotion. SnapMotion is an application for macOS that has been designed to extract images from videos. The app allows you to always get photos of the best possible quality, whether the video is in HD or 4K. For maximum efficiency, the application offers two modes: a manual mode to obtain images with precision and a batch mode to extract hundreds or even thousands of pictures.

How to use the manual mode of SnapMotion?

The manual mode of SnapMotion allows to make captures with precision. This mode is particularly suitable when you want to take pictures of events. We will see how to use it in only three steps.

Manual mode - Import videos

To get started, you have to open your video with SnapMotion. For that, you just have to drag and drop the video on the SnapMotion window. You can also use the “Open documents” button or drag and drop the file on the icon.

Manual mode - Capture image

Once the video is open, you can play the video and select the image you want capture. Buttons on the left of the slider allows you to navigate frame by frame. Hence, you can take a look at all frames of your file. Once you have decided the frame you want to save, just click on the red button.

Manual mode - Export images

All images that have been captured are displayed in the area under the capture button. To export one of them, simply drag and drop it on your desktop. You can also click on one of them and click on the export button. You will be able to export photos in PNG, JPEG, TIFF, HEIC as well as GIF. Finally, you can also share it on social networks (Facebook, Twitter and much more).

How to use the batch mode of SnapMotion?

The batch mode of SnapMotion allows you to extract hundreds of images effortlessly. For example, this mode is very used in the domain of extreme sports. Video makers can get images of movements from all angles.

Batch mode - Import videos

Of course, the first thing is to open your video in the app. Nothing more simple, you can drag and drop the icon of the file on the window.

Batch mode - Change settings

As before, the interface is straightforward. You just have to select the capture interval and set the capture options. Then press the red button to start the export.

Batch mode - Export images

The app performs all the tasks in the background. You can take a look at the progress and stop them when you want. A notification will notify you the end of an extraction task.

Where can I download SnapMotion?

If you want to capture images from video you need SnapMotion. This is the only solution that guarantees you image quality and ease of use. A demo version of the app is available on our website. You can also find the app in the Mac App Store.

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