How to colorize black and white photos?

We all have old black and white photos in our closets. Who would not like to restore the colors of these photos? The problem is that colorizing images is not an easy task. You have to get the right software, the time, and especially the skills. Here at NeededApps, we designed an application named PhotosRevive available for Mac, iPhone, and iPad so that anyone can colorize any vintage images in minutes. We present the tool in this article.

What is PhotosRevive, and how can the app help me?

PhotosRevive is an app for macOS (10.13 or later) and iOS (14.0 or later) designed to colorize your old photos. The application can colorize your photos automatically, thanks to one of the best artificial intelligence in the field. In addition, the application allows you to improve by adding color indications if the first result does not suit you. So with just a few clicks, you can enhance the colors and get the perfect photo of your memory.

Step 1: Batch colorize your photos automatically.

In the same way as any application, the first thing to do is to launch the app. Then you can import your photos with a simple drag-n-drop. You can also browse and select photos stored in the Finder and your Photos library.

Once your photos are open in the application, clicking on the "Colorize" button launches the automatic process. You just have to wait a few seconds for artificial intelligence to add color to your photos.

Step 2: Fine tune your photos manually with color hints

The automatic colorization of your photos may not be suitable for you. You may want to increase the contrast or change the color of clothing. PhotosRevive includes a manual editor accessible via the button "Unsatisfied?".

The first step is to improve black and white colors. For this, you have to play with the sliders on the top right. With these, you can make the dark areas darker and the light areas lighter. Thus, the different regions of the image are more easily distinguishable by the AI.

For most photos, you can stop at this step. However, you can also add color indications to enhance the photo. For that, you can click on the image and choose a color in the sidebar.

We get an image correctly colorized. We colorize it without any knowledge in the field and auxiliary tools.

Where can I download PhotosRevive?

If you want to colorize your old photos, you need PhotosRevive. Thanks to its included artificial intelligence, the app is the most efficient solution in the market. Moreover, the indications of colors allow you to control the rendering precisely. A demo version of the Mac app is available on our website. You can also find the app in the App Store.

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