How to activate your application?

Our apps are available through multiple purchasing channels. We can mention the App Store, where two versions of each of our apps are available Unlimited and Lite. Our apps are also available through our store accessible on this site. We detail below how to activate our apps regardless of your channel.

I bought the Unlimited version on the App Store

The activation of the Unlimited version on the App Store is immediate. As long as you've downloaded the app to your device, you've completed all of the steps. Nothing could be simpler, is not it? If you have previously purchased the app, you can browse your previous purchases by clicking on your name at the bottom left of the Mac App Store window.

I bought the Lite version on the App Store

Lite versions of our apps allow you to try our apps first without purchasing them while enjoying the benefits of the App Store. Indeed, the apps contain in-app purchases that allow you after trying to unlock the Unlimited version. If you've previously made an in-app purchase, you can restore them and re-activate the app on any device that's signed in to your Apple account. The restoration steps are as follows. First, you have to open the app, go to the main menu bar and click on the Show License Information button. Then just click on the Restore Purchases button.

I bought the app outside the App Store

You need a license to activate an application downloaded from our site or one of our partners. You can purchase a license from our store available here. Once the purchase is made, you will receive an email from Paddle or one of our partners. Then go to the main menu bar and click on the Show License Information button. Finally, just copy/paste your email and your activation key provided in the email in the license panel.

I can't activate my app

You bought the app from the App Store, and it requires an activation key? Can't install the app because an app with the same name already exists? This means multiple versions of the same apps are installed on your device. The most effective solution is to delete all the versions often located in the Downloads and Applications folder. Then all you have to do is download the app again on the channel of your choice.

If this page still does not allow you to activate your application, do not hesitate to contact us through the support page.

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