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MetaImage (2.3.1)

Edit geographical and image metadata

Let MetaImage take care of your images metadata on Mac. Instead of manually editing data for every picture in the Photos app, you get a completely automated flow. Handle every tag format — including EXIF, IPTC, and XMP. Flexibly add GPS coordinates. Create presets and apply the same changes to multiple pictures.

  • Over 5000 tags supported

You can get your hands on all the tags. If you search the Mac App Store, Metalmage is the only tool available with a support for MakerNotes, EXIF IPTC, XMP, and tons of other tags within one interface. So it’s definitely the right tool to consolidate your metadata work on a Mac.


Forget about converting, this tool handles all the images you give it. Move your file to the app window and start editing right away. Metalmage works with over 90 of image formats, including HEIC, JPEG, PNG, RAW, CR2, CR3, TIFF, and many more.


Easily add GPS coordinates to your images. You can either type in the name of the location and let the app find it, click on the map, or copy the address from another file. MetaImage also allows you to restore previous locations and search by GPS tags.


With Metalmage, you not only batch edit images metadata, but automate the full flow. Based on specific characteristics, create presets and use them for recurring editions. Most likely, many of your edits will be the same. So the more presets you make, the more time you save.


You can go through all the metadata without leaving your Photos app. MetaImage has a Photos extension that allows to read all kinds of data, including EXIF, XMP, IPTC, and MakerNote. Whenever you need to make changes, upload a photo to the app and fix the metadata instantly.


Decide which tags should be displayed in the app, based on what you’re used to work with. Browse tags and choose your preferred ones. You can customize the tags displayed in Metalmage and the Photos extension separately.


MetaImage is designed so that just anyone can pick it up and use it, particularly if you have even a rudimentary knowledge of photography. However, if something isn’t clear, you can submit feedback or ask questions within the app itself.

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Release Date Feb. 6, 2023
Number 6220
Version 2.3.1
System 11.0
Release Date Feb. 3, 2023
Number 6216
Version 2.3.0
System 11.0
Release Date Jan. 5, 2023
Number 6203
Version 2.2.1
System 11.0
Release Date Nov. 13, 2022
Number 6192
Version 2.2.0
System 11.0
Release Date Oct. 8, 2022
Number 6182
Version 2.1.0
System 11.0
Release Date Aug. 10, 2022
Number 6166
Version 2.0.10
System 11.0
Release Date July 29, 2022
Number 6161
Version 2.0.9
System 11.0
Release Date July 26, 2022
Number 6153
Version 2.0.8
System 11.0
Release Date July 19, 2022
Number 6139
Version 2.0.6
System 11.0
Release Date July 17, 2022
Number 6136
Version 2.0.5
System 11.0
Release Date Jan. 26, 2021
Number 6091
Version 1.9.8
System 10.3