How to shift date metadata tags for a bunch of files?

In this article, I will show you how to shift your date tags by a few hours or a few days without manually doing it for a batch of files.

For this, you need to open files with MetaImage by clicking on the buttons in the main window. You can select a folder and enable the "Import Files instead of Folder" option if you want to import all files from a folder.

Then you must select the files and the tag you want to modify. Note that you can choose multiple date tags. You can use the shortcut CMD-A to select all files.

In the edit panel, you will find a button in the shape of a lightning bolt corresponding to the quick actions: click on it.

Once the list of quick actions is displayed, choose 'Edit Current Value' and go to the next step.

You can edit the value in many ways. For instance, you can change the date components independently or increment them. It is the last option that interests us. Choose how many hours or days you want to change the dates and apply.

Don't forget to save the changes with the button available in the toolbar.

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