How to fix image Finder dates?

This quick tutorial will see how to modify an image's Finder creation and modification dates. For that, we will use MetaImage. First, you should note that the creation and modification dates displayed in the Finder are not metadata included in the images. Instead, macOS stores this information. That is why a tool such as MetaImage is needed.

Enable EXIF and Finder tag synchronization

The first thing to check is that the EXIF ​​and Finder dates synchronization are enabled in the preferences. Launch the app and go to the main menu bar to open the application's preferences. Once the preferences window is in front of you, you must select the "Edit" section and change the preferences named "File System." You must select the options "Use EXIF create date tag" and "Use Exif modify date tag."

Edit EXIF date and time and save changes

Now open your files using MetaImage. The app will synchronize the EXIF ​​and Finder dates. Therefore, you will modify the "EXIF:CreateDate" and "EXIF:ModifyDate" tags with the desired date. You can click on "Force" if the desired date is already set. Then you just have to save the changes. The application will update the Finder dates as wanted during the process step.

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