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GlueMotion is the perfect tool for time-lapse photographers. The application allows you to batch edit, deflicker and assemble sequences of images into time-lapse movies.


A high-quality and straightforward solution.

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The application can process hundreds or even thousands of photos whether they are simple JPEG or even RAW.

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The application has been designed to guide you. Just advance step by step to the export step.

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Our engine supports the latest technologies of your mac whether they are hardware or software.

Just follow the steps.

Build your professional time-lapse by following the steps. Start by importing your photos, edit them in the app, activate the deflickering if needed, and choose the export settings. Nothing's easier.

What is flickering?

When you make a time-lapse, there may be changes in brightness between frames. These add an unwanted flash effect named flickering. GlueMotion can remove this effect with no effort from your part.

Customers are loving GlueMotion

“I recommend the software it has deflicker feature built in.”

-- lalegator

“Works as described. Handier than FCPx and After Effects, plus has a good built in deflicker feature.”

-- Curnsie

“Works very fast. Easy to use! Simple GUI. Step-by-step instructions in the top-left corner tell you what to do. Movies are very smooth. Definetely worth its price. Thank you!”

-- usobs30

“This app is very well made, you have acces to many settings, it’s easy to use and powerful. Besides the developper is very professional and always here to answer your questions. GlueMotion is now my favorite app for timelapse. 5*”

-- ValentinLau

“After experiencing much frustration with GoPro's Quik software, I came across this app and am very impressed by it! It really does handle thousands of images. It quickly imported 14,000 images and rendered them into a nice Quicktime video! The user interface is reallly simple to use and everything is laid out in an easy-to-understand manner. Well, worth the purchase price!”

-- J. Mijares

“Finally found a Time Lapse App that works and does a great job quickly. I have a bunch of pics I took in Time Lapse Mode on my camera, and couldn’t do anything with them. I bought about $20 worth of other crap apps, now I am so happy I found this one that works, and works well! This is great, so easy, and so cool when it is done. Great job developer!”

-- Apple Since 1984
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Download it now.

The application requires macOS High Sierra or later. Moreover GlueMotion is available in 7 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese).
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can download GlueMotion directly on our website. The app is also available on the Mac App Store and on SETAPP. Moreover, you can get a refund for any purchase within 14 days.

Yes all our applications for Mac can be downloaded for free.

GlueMotion supports PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and RAW files. We can list Canon files, Nikon files and Panasonic files. More information about the compatible RAW image formats can be found at the following address:

GlueMotion can export in several data containers: QuickTime Movie (MOV), MPEG-4 (MP4, M4V). You can also choose the video codecs: HEVC, H264, JPEG, Apple Pro Res 422 and Apple Pro Res 4444.

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