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WebToLayers converts websites to Photoshop documents. In other words, the app allows you to screenshot webpages by keeping each element in a separated layer.

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Capture full page

The app allows you to capture full webpages as PNG or JPG, one huge image per webpage.

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Capture as PSD

The app allows you to capture webpages as Photoshop documents with one layer for each html element.

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Capture hierarchy

The app allows you to capture webpages and save each as a hierarchy composed of images and folders.

Safari Extension Included.

You can open webpages directly from Safari with only one click. You can also use custom scheme URL by using webtolayers:// before your webpage address.

WebToLayers Safari Extension
WebToLayers Safari Custom Page Size

Simulate your favorite devices.

Use custom page size

The app proposes an exhaustive list of sizes including standard web sizes as well as those of the most popular devices.

Use custom user agent

You can also select and edit the user agent. So you can simulate that the page is loaded from any device.

Help you to re-design and improve existing webpage

You can finally screenshot webpages and edit them with your favorite editors.


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The application requires macOS High Sierra or later. Moreover WebToLayers is available in 7 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese).
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can download WebToLayers directly on our website. The app is also available on the Mac App Store. Moreover, you can get a refund for any purchase within 14 days.

Yes all our applications for Mac can be downloaded for free.

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